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division of labour

It must have been about two weeks ago. I felt really tired of carrying  the responsibility of bringing myself back to faith.

“God”, I suggested, “how about a division of labor. You take the responsibility of bringing me back to faith. I take the responsibility of being honest and to  stop trying to believe it if I can’t believe.”



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please, please

Please, God, if you’re hearing this: please, please make this journey of doubt of mine have some purpose! I just wish so badly that all this questioning and de-construction  is useful for something.

I just wont give up hope that persisting on this journey will deepen the life, love and faith of me and others.

And even if walking the valley of darkness should have no deeper point — even then… even then, well, I’ll just move on. But not without at the very least pleading God it to all be necessary for something.

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